Thursday, October 30, 2008

Scrambling to Find an Alternative

With only one week to go before Alison, Tim, five year old Charlie and baby Lucinda were due to arrive in Lisbon I had to get my skates on and find a place to put this nice family in. Panic, search, late nights but I came up trumps with a much larger apartment, closer to the center of the city, with parking space and the needed baby bed and high chair.
From Botanic Garden flat

It had all the facilities that the other property had with lots more space, washing machine, dishwasher, high speed internet connection, 3 double bedrooms - all double beds this time, full bathroom with tub, separate shower room, large sitting room with separate dinning area and large blue and white tiles kitchen with breakfast area.

I took a deep breath - like the cat with 9 lives I had managed to fall on my feet with this one, must be Santo Antonio hearing my plea to find something suitable - he is good for finding parking spaces too here in a crowded Lisbon, my husband and I always call on him, works every time!
From Botanic Garden flat